Leadership Camps

Colleges, businesses, schools, and industries are looking for leaders - people who can take initiative, guide others, and incorporate change. GSMISTS leadership programs are designed to give you leadership skills that are transferable to any situation such as school, sports, work, community or volunteer opportunities. 

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) develops leadership skills specific to leading children, particularly leading children at camp, but not exclusively at camp. This training helps prepare participants to be camp counselors and instructors at any camp. It also prepares you to work with children in many other settings. Participation in the CIT program does not automatically guarantee employment at GSMISTS Camps in the future, however; it is very helpful. 

This program is for people who are highly motivated, ready to work and play hard, and who demonstrate additional responsibility in accepting the challenges of leadership. Participants are selected on the basis of experience, references, and a personal interview. Applications and reference forms will be sent to you when your camp registration is received.

General Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Information

GSMISTS Counselor-in-Training program offers you, as a high school student, an opportunity to learn the leadership skills needed to work with girls in the outdoors, specifically at camp. If you are highly motivated, ready to work and play hard, and are willing to accept a leadership role at camp, this is the program for you. 

As a CIT you will explore the areas of camp craft skills, group dynamics, child development, program planning, camp operations, and the role of the camp counselor. The program includes time devoted to learning these skill sets, plus actual experience working with children under the supervision of camp staff. 

All programs will be based out of Camp Anna Behrens, but CIT II will have the opportunity to do sections of your training at Camp Sakakawea in Traverse City (transportation to and from Camp Saki will be provided). The CIT programs vary in duration from two weeks to three weeks. We prefer that you are able to stay for the entire duration of your program, but are willing to work with you if you have religious or family obligations. 

Participation in the program prepares you for employment at camps in the future. While these programs are built on a progression of skill sets, girls may sign up for CIT II if they meet the age requirement even if they have not attended CIT I. 

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