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2.4 STEM Hero


Changing the world through STEM

Our world would not advance if it wasn't for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Industries and universities are very vocal about the need for more STEM graduates. If girls can learn STEM through Girl Scouts, they will have more opportunities to see the myriad of career options with a STEM education.

  See how STEM benefits girls

GSMISTS offers innovative STEM programming for girls (and volunteers!). From Spark Events to STEM institutes and STEM Community Partners, there's plenty on offer!


Spark Events

Inspiring girls to dream big when they think about their future, and bring girls together with STEM professionals in their work spaces.

Spark Events will be held throughout the year. Each event will give girls an introduction to a professional field, and an opportunity to learn by doing an engaging activity similar to what the professionals do on a regular basis. There will also be time for Girl Scouts to ask questions and get a feel for if this kind of career would be a good fit for them.

This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to open their doors to interested girls that want to make a difference in the world. The careers that the girls will pursue in 10-15 years don't even exist yet, but if businesses can engage girls at this moment in their education, girls can be aware of a myriad of options as they enter high school and college.

Businesses who partner with Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore will break down misconceptions behind STEM fields and let girls see all kinds of professional opportunities for strong, creative leaders.

Spark Events are intended to complement the Girl Scout leadership experience and create awareness of opportunities for a STEM career in Northern and Western Michigan.