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2018 Membership Kick-Off Resources

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Thank you to all the attendees of the 2018 Membership Kick-Off. We enjoy hearing your feedback and ideas, and appreciate your time!

See the tables below to download PDF's of each training PowerPoints. If you would rather have the PowerPoint version of the trainings, please contact Mary Moomaw at

 General Sessions

Session Name Presenter PDF
Voices Survey Overview Barbara Hill Not Yet Available
Badges, Journeys, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience Demitria Gavit and Andea Hornby
The Secret Sauce of Relationship Management Mary Moomaw
Closing Message and Girl Scout Songs Natalie Lowell and Rosie Warner

 Breakout Sessions

Session Name Presenter PDF
Volunteer Leader Toolkit (VTK) Training Program Staff
Girl Scout Product Training Sally Ellis
Retention: Keeping Girls Engaged Demitria Gavit and Andrea Hornby
Recruitment Deena Scianimanico
Non-Traditional Recruitment Round Table Tova Jones
Retention: Ceremonies and Traditions Pamm Huether

 Other Training Materials

         2018 Fall Back to Troop Catalog