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Kiskey Science Center

Florence Kiskey devoted her life to igniting a passion for science in the young people of Muskegon, especially girls and women. She and her husband Fred were long-time educators. Florence also planted and maintained extraordinary greenery on their residential property in order to teach area children, as well as college students a love of science. Later in life, she established an endowment to support the science programs at various non-profit agencies and from this endowment and a generous one-time donation, The Fred & Florence Kiskey Environmental Science Center was built on part of Michigan Pine & Dunes Council's 26-acre property in North Muskegon.

The Kiskey Science Center culminates Florence's life work. It was her hope that the programs there will not only inspire more girls to pursue careers in science but that they will also create a curiosity and respect for science and nature. In honor of that, The Fred and Florence Kiskey Environmental Science Center is home to the "Exploring Science" Program, where Girl Scout troops, groups and local elementary schools can come to study and learn about the environment in a hands-on setting.


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See the Betsy Culter House for more details.