GSMISTS Family Champions

We couldn't support our girls, without the support from our Girl Scout families. Thank you to all our Family Champion supporters!

Family Champions (9/1/2011 - 1/9/2012)

Kimberly Alders

Romy Allan-Windon 

Randy and Yvonne Alpers 

Mike and Jeanne Ascione 

Gary and Michelle Balcom

Dylan Baribeau

Aaron and Janine Batavia

Michele L. Billmaier

Scott and Alyson Booth

Todd Booth

William and Jessica Bowers

Bruce and Kristine Brandt

Brenda S. Carr

Christopher and Christine Chandler

Abdullah Chowdhury and Habibum Nema

Christopher and Inga Chuinard

Jillayne Clark

Thomas Clark

Carey Colburn

Janet L. Colvin

Jean Constantine

Paul and Sheryl D'amato

Lindsey De Jarlais

Charlene Dehn

Barbara Deming and Robert Kenney

Rick and Lori Dettloff

Thyme and Leah Dice

Steven and Jessica Dickson

Tabitha Druso

Peter and Wendy Elam

Kaimarie Evans

Joel and Sandra Feutz

Sarah Forster

Mark and Kathleen Freel

Kevin and Teresa Gietzen

Timothy and Marie Gifford

Kristel Green

Monica Grimard

Joe and Erin Gusler

Phil and Laura Gutknecht

Jessica Habetler

Steve and Stacey Hale

Martin and Tina Hamm

Rachel Harper

Elizabeth Hawley

Jeffrey and Tiffany Hein

Stan and Char Hemminger

Leonel Herrera

David and Marikje Hill

Pamela Huether

Nora C. Hughes

Courtney Ill

Robert and Beverly Imhoff

Tom and Debbie Jenkins

Heather Juengel

Kenton and Violet Kalbfleisch

Amanda Karr

Matt and Ann Kauppila

LaReina King

Kyrie Kirkland

Jessica Kittles

Jeff and Tiffany Kohn

Rich and Laura Korff

Brandy Kruger

Redzep and Aida Kujovic

Faith LaCount

Holly Lamb

Chasity Lambert

Jason and Emilee Laner

Ashley Larrison

Hanna Layman

Julie Lenz

Lindsay Llewellyn

Cathy Lugten

Valerie Lyons

Joe and Amanda Macaluso

Lindsay Major

Scott Malburg

Lee Dawn Mann

Emily Maskelis

Thomas and Cynthia Matelic

Tamara Mathers

Tyne Mathis

Deanna Mazurkiewicz

Laura McKenna

Gary and Rosemary Mills

Mark and Deborah Milostan

Mary Montgomery

Amy Morren

Jim and Wendy Nystrom

Vicki Olson

Anita Oudbier

Gina Palazzolo

Ryan Pico and Cindy Saeteurn

Chris and Lori Pieri

Donald and Catherine Pletcher

Tara Pobuda

Christine Prior

Ann M. Puckett

Richard Radke

Melanie Rahn

Alesha C. Ray-Welch

Patrick and Rainey Repins

Elizabeth Rickard

Dave and Monica Rickett

Geoffrey and Jennifer Robinson

Joel and Tracy Robinson

Steven and Karen Roersma

Jason and Tessa Ruelle

Judy Salsbury

Steven and Pamela Schanck

Kati M. Schreiber

Joseph and Amy Sheets

Kristina Shoulders

Aaron and Elizabeth Singler

Crystal Smith

Debra Smith

Robert and Sarah Smith

John and Patricia Snoek

Jodi Socall

Kim Steed

Helen Stohr

Anastasia Sutherland

Judy Thomson

Valerie Thurston

Carla Tracy

James and Michele Twesten-O'Toole

Kimberly Uren

Christina VandenBosch

Randy and Diane VanLeeuwen

Christina Vogan

Patricia Wolgamott

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