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Fall Product Program

Mags and Nuts-Recovered

Everyone knows we sell cookies in the winter, but did you know we also sell nuts, chocolate, and magazines in the fall? Our Fall Product Sale gives troops a chance to earn startup money without having to wait until cookie season. They can use the funds they earn to enjoy new and exciting opportunities right away! 

A variety of products that can be purchased. There are 12 nut/candy choices to choose from, and a variety of magazine subscriptions to purchase or renew.

P.S. Additional nuts/candy varieties and magazine choices are available when you order through a Girl Scout's website!

This program helps girls gain valuable leadership and financial literacy skills, including:

   Goal Setting

   Decision Making

   Money Management

   People Skills

   Business Ethics


Fall Product Sale Resources:

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  Fall Product Sale Online Training

  Fall Product Door Hanger (V1)

  Fall Product Door Hanger (V2)

  Fall Product Door Hanger (V3)