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Staff Directory

Grand Rapids Service Center

Vivian TerMaatChief Executive Officer(616) 888-3839
Alexa DenhofChief Financial Officer(616) 888-3841
Alexis GoffCommunity Membership Manager(616) 888-3833
Caitlin PlassenthalMultimedia Designer(616) 888-3834
Cindy JohnsonDirector of Fund Development(616) 888-3827
Gayle EbbenGirl Experience Partnerships and Program Coordinator(616) 888-3844
Gary LemkeProperty Manager(616) 888-3835
Haley BeanCommunity Membership Manager(616) 888-3826
Haley Whitmore Community Membership Manager(616) 888-3845
Irene BosmanAccountant Assistant(616) 888-3842
Jessica BowmanDirector of Human Resource & Governance Manager(616) 888-3836
Kimberly DukesPlacement Specialist(616) 888-3829
Lance PalmaCamp Anna Behrens Site Manager(616) 754-4782
Laura CunninghamDirector of Membership(616) 888-3828
Laurie SpenceCustomer Care Specialist(616) 888-3840
Leslie MerazNew Troop Start-Up Specialist(616) 888-3845
Madelyne HubbardNew Year Troop Coordinator(616) 888-3830
Marge NolleSpecialist Administrative Support Specialist(616) 888-3831
Nancy Albrecht Data Analyst & Placement Coordinator(616) 888-3838
Sharon ColonStaff Accountant(616) 888-3382
Shelly TansleyDirector of Marketing & Communications(616) 888-3848

Muskegon Service Center

Amanda Grover Program Administrative Support Specialist(231) 220-0507
Angela PotterProduct Program and Retail Operations Coordinator(231) 220-0503
Heather SmithNew Troop Start-Up(231) 220-0506
Janet MaciasPlacement & Customer Care Specialist(231) 220-0501
Lesley RobinsonDirector of Volunteer Engagement & Girl Experience(231) 220-0504
Sally EllisDirector of Product Program, Retail Operations and Customer Care(231) 220-0505
Tammy MiresCommunity Membership Manager(231) 220-0502
Taylor ZenobiaCommunity Membership Manager(231) 220-0508

Traverse City Service Center

Andrea HornbyFirst Year Troop Support & Volunteer Coordinator (231) 778-0063
Cieara HallettCommunity Membership Manager(231) 778-0064
Dixie WardCommunity Membership Manager(231) 778-0066
Judy Koronka Girl Experience Partnerships and Program Coordinator(231) 778-0070