This is your source for previously printed and released Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore publications. 

Newsletters - Shore to Shore Shoutout

Winter 2014

GSMISTS Annual Reports

2014 GSMISTS Annual Report

2013 GSMISTS Annual Report

2012 GSMISTS Annual Report

2011 GSMISTS Annual Report

2010 GSMISTS Annual Report

2009 GSMISTS Annual Report

Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) Studies

The Girl Scout Research Institute, formed in 2000, is a vital extension of Girl Scouts of the USA's commitment to addressing the complex and ever-changing needs of girls. Here you will find detailed studies conducted by the GSRI pertaining to a variety of topics.

GSRI Good Intentions (2009)

GSRI Transforming Leadership (2008)

GSRI Transforming Leadership - Continued (2009)

Click here to view more studies conducted by the GSRI.

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